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Andrea Goulet

Associate Professor of Romance Languages


Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French Fiction, critical theory, science and literature, detective fiction, nouveau roman.  She is the author of Optiques:  the Science of the Eye and the Birth of Modern French Fiction (Penn, 2006) and has co-edited journal issues on “Visual Culture” (Contemporary French Civilization) and “Crime Fictions” (Yale French Studies).  Her forthcoming book, Legacies of the Rue Morgue: Space and Science in French Crime Fiction, 1866-2006, explores scientific discourses (cartography, geology, geography) in modern French crime fiction from Gaboriau to Vargas.  Her seminars and graduate courses include “Crime and the City in 19th-c. France,” “Science and Literature in France across the Ages,” “Hugo et Balzac,” "Poe's French Legacies," and “Espaces littéraires:  Spatial Theory and Modern French Fiction.”  She is currently Co-Chair, with Corry Cropper of BYU, of the Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association. 


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