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Gerald J. Prince

Professor of Romance Languages; Chair, French Section; Undergraduate Chair, French Section


Modern French literature. He is the author of
several books, including Métaphysique et technique dans l'œuvre romanesque de Sartre, A Grammar of Stories, Narratology: The Form and Functioning of Narrative, A Dictionary of Narratology, Narrative as Theme, and Guide du roman de langue française (1901-1950) as well as many articles on narrative theory and on modern French literature. A co-editor of the "Stages" series for the U of Nebraska P, Prof. Prince is a member of the editorial or advisory board of over a dozen journals (including Narrative, Style, Diacritics, French Review and Roman 20/50). He is currently working on the second volume of his Guide du roman de langue française (1951-2000), regularly teaches courses on narrative poetics and on modern French fiction (from Proust and Gide to Sartre and Camus; from Sarraute and Robbe-Grillet to Ernaux and Houellebecq), and has recently directed dissertations on visual representations in the postmodern French novel, on the reproductive body in contemporary fiction, on the writings of children of collaborators, and on the "retour du romanesque."

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