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Barbara Fuchs

Professor of Romance Languages

Early Modern Studies. Trained as a comparatist (English, Spanish, French, Italian), Prof. Fuchs covers European cultural production from the late fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries, with a special emphasis on literature and empire. She is the author of Mimesis and Empire: The New World, Islam, and European Identities, which received honorable mention for the 2002 Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Comparative Literature Studies of the Modern Language Association (Cambridge University Press, 2001), Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity (University of Illinois Press, 2003), and Romance (Routledge New Critical Idiom, 2004). She is also co-editor of two special issues of Modern Language Quarterly: Postcolonialism and the Past (September 2004) and Genre and History in Early Modern Studies (March 2006). During 2006-2007, she held a Guggenheim Fellowship for her work on “Moorishness” and the conflictive construction of Spain. Prof. Fuchs is now working on the occlusion of Spain in English literary history and, with Aaron Ilika, on a translation and critical edition of two Cervantes plays, The Bagnios of Algiers and The Great Sultana (forthcoming from Penn Press, 2009).

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  • Office Hours: Fall 2009: On Leave
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