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OFFICE HOURS - Fall 2015
Arlandis, Sergio 405 Williams MW 11-12
Barreto, David 536 Williams M 1-2pm; T 2-3pm
Beaudry, Derek 537 Williams M 12-1pm; W 10-11am
Brownlee, Marina 510 Williams R 1-3pm; and by appt.
Brownstone, Veronica 536 Williams M 11-12; F 12-1pm
Buiting, Lotte 420 Williams R 4-5pm; F 11-12
411 Williams
T, F 1-2pm; and by appt.
407 Williams
MWR 12-1pm; and by appt.
Carrillo, Arnulfo 420 Williams MW 4-5pm; and by appt.
Cebrian, Mercedes 536 Williams W 10-11am; R 2-3pm
541 Williams
W 3:30-5:30pm; F 12:30-2pm; and by appt.
de Lima, Lucas 537 Williams RF 10-11am
Diaz, Isabel 537 Williams M 3-4pm; T 2-3pm
506 Williams TR 4:30-6pm
509 Williams
T 1-4pm; F 2-4pm; and by appt.
Feliciano Arroyo, Selma 406 Williams T 12-1pm; F 2-3pm; and by appt.
Fernández, Francisco 409 Williams M,W 5-6pm; and by appt.
Flippin, Laura 408 Williams T 3-4pm; R 4-5pm; and by appt.
412 Williams
TR 3-4pm; and by appt.
414 Williams  
Gorka, Barbara 420 Williams T 10-1am; W 11-12
405 Williams
T 2:30-3:30pm; W 12-1pm; and by appt.
Guadalupe, Olga 416 Williams M W 1-2pm
Hopgood Mulero, Maria 537 Williams M 10-11; T 12-1
413 Williams
M R 10-11am
513 Williams
T 10-11am; F 1-2pm; and by appt.
409 Williams
T, R 4:30 to 5.30 or by appt
406 Williams
T, R 3-4; and by appt.
512 Williams
F 3-5pm
Mendoza Mori, Américo 420 Williams M 5-6pm and 8-8:30pm; W 8-8:30pm
Mitchell, Kristina 537 Williams M 11-12; W 12-1pm
505 Williams
R 4:10-5:10pm; F 12-1pm
Moranski, Kara 410 Williams T 3:30-4:30pm; W 4-5pm; and by appt.
502 Williams W 12-2pm
408 Williams
R 4-5pm; F 12-1pm, and by appt.
Morón Dapena, Xavier 536 Williams M 3-4pm; T 1-2pm
Navas-Masip, Josep 413 Williams T 10:30-11:30am; F 12-1pm; and by appt.
Paredes Fernández, Maria 411 Williams M 2-3pm; T 3-4pm; and by appt.
Pascual Ivars, Joaquín 536 Williams T 11-12; W 1-2pm
Raboso Mañas, Amelia 537 Williams R 11-12; F 1-2pm
Ramos, Julio 508 Williams  
Reuben, Lindsey 537 Williams M 2-3pm; W 1-2pm
Rodriguez, Abel 420 Williams  
Rodriguez, Berta 407 Williams M 3:30-4:30pm; F 1-2pm
Roman Medina, Giselle 536 Williams M 10-11am; T 5-6pm
Romero-Fresneda, Madelain 420 Williams M 11-12
Sierra Matute, Victor 536 Williams W 11-12; R 12-1pm
503 Williams
on leave
Tamayo, Ana 420 Williams T W 3-4pm
Tellez, Jorge 504 Williams T 1-2pm
Tortorici, Zeb    
Thorndike, Jennifer 536 Williams M 2-3pm; W 12-1pm
Vargas, Patricia 420 Williams M T 4-5pm
410 Williams
M 12-1pm; W 1-2pm; and by appt.


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