Rob S. Rice, Instructor

Classical Studies 160/Comparative Literature 244

Semester Examination 12/11/95

This essay is to evaluate your ability to argue with what you have learned, and to weigh your understanding of the material presented in the course of this class. Please keep those parameters in mind while composing your answer. Organize your thoughts, arguments, and have a clear answer to the essay's question in mind BEFORE you begin to write your answer.

Considering the works you have read in class and for the special project you have just completed, but not necessarily limiting your analysis to that material, provide a reasoned answer to the following:

Do you believe that the existence of the great works of Epic Poetry you have read in this class has been a boon or a bane to Western creativity in art, poetry, and literature? Cite specific examples to prove your answer.

You have fifty minutes to complete this essay.