Classics 175: War and Peace in Classical Antiquity
Semester Examination

Think before you write, since it's your ability to think that I'm looking for. Budget your time, and be positive and vigorous saying what you have to say.

Part I (30 pts./30 minutes):

Identify six out of the below twelve terms from your lectures and reading. You will be graded upon your ability to supply a pertinent time frame, simple identification, and the significance for the purposes of this class of each term. Do not take excessive time in selecting the terms you will identify!

Part II (20 pts./20 minutes):

You will be graded upon your ability to name the author, subject, and significance of two of the following three passages, in the form of a single paragraph. Keep these parameters strongly in mind while composing your answer.

  • A)"The subject of the "robbers' pact" between Philip V and the Seleucid monarch Antiochus III has been left to this section of the narrative simply because it had no importance for Rhodes' declaration of war on Philip V, whatever effect its real, alleged, or suspected existence may have had on Rome's decision to resume hostilities with Macedon. The agreement itself is a most difficult matter to treat if one feels a need to go beyond the explicit statement of its existence in our ancient sources."

  • B)"Undoubtedly the Romans had also been showered with missiles as they advanced, but the pilum was uniquely effective. Its thin pyramid-shaped point and long metal shaft were capable of piercing a shield, with the weight of the wooden shaft driving it on until it pierced the man sheltering behind it. Once it had penetrated the shield, the shape of the point made it very difficult to extract..."

  • C)"He approached his projects on a grand scale and his creations were not only skilfully and inventively conceived, but they bore the marks of a lofty mind and purpose, so that men thought them worthy not only of the genius and wealth of a king, but also of his handiwork. Their sheer size alarmed even his friends, while their beauty delighted even his enemies, and this description is true and not merely elegantly phrased."

    Part III (30 pts./35 minutes):

    You have your choice of three topics. Choose quickly!

    Part IV (20 pts./25 minutes):

    In a coherent, specific, organized essay, argue for or against the applicability of what you have learned in this class to a relevant aspect of your daily life. Creativity is fine, reasoning and facts to support your reasoning are paramount.

    You may pick up your corrected finals in the Classics Office, Williams 720