CLAS 175: Take-at-Home Reading/Terms Quiz

Instructions for taking this quiz:

The BEST way, and one that you ALL should be able to manage (if you have an E-Mail account, and I require you to have one) is as follows:

A brief note: You stand to suffer more severely than by a bad grade by cheating! The idea is to see what you DON'T know yet, rather than how well you can crib. You won't be able to use your books during either of the two examinations to come. I believe and hope that this warning is unecessary. Budget 20 minutes tops to complete the quiz, once you begin taking it in earnest.

Part I:

Identify two of these three terms. Give me three (or so) sentences telling me 1)who, where,or what it is; 2)some species of time frame; and 3)the item's significance for this class, in the terms of your recent (Aineias) reading.



the agora

Part II:

A single paragraph should handle this nicely. Who wrote this (no holds to be barred on the midterm)? What does it describe, and why do we care? Once you get past the identification, make an argument from what you see and what you know.

"Something else which must be prohibited is going to bed with lanterns or other night-lights. This is because it has been known for individuals, finding themselves utterly thwarted in their wish to start a revolution or to intrigue with the enemy to ... make a pre-arranged signal."