CLASS 190: Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism

2nd Reading Quiz

Part I: Identify two of these three terms. Give me three (or so) sentences telling me who, where,or what it is, some species of time frame, and the item's significance for this class.

Isocrates Illyrians Iphicrates

Part II: (A single paragraph should handle this nicely) Who wrote this? What does it describe, and why do we care? Once you get past the identification, you're making an argument.

"Seizing the royal treasures, which amounted to 50,000 gold talents, he advanced further into Persia proper, where he took Persepolis and Pasagardae. The burning of Xerxes' palace at Persepolis was perhaps intended as a symbolic end to the war of revenge, the panhellenic war; such at least is Arrian's view..."