CLASS 190: Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism

9th Reading Quiz

Part I: Identify two of these three terms. Give me three sentences telling me 1)who, where,or what it is; 2)some species of time frame; and 3)the item's significance for this class. The page numbers are for your own reference.

Harpalus (Wilcken, pp. 216-78-60, Plu. pp. 210-11)

heroa (Wilcken, pp. 233-5)

Epigoni (Wilcken, p. 209)

Part II: (A single paragraph should handle this nicely) Who wrote this? What does it describe, and why do we care? Once you get past the identification, make an argument from what you see and what you know.

"That Alexander encouraged the connection with Zeus or (like Philip) identified with him, can be seen from a silver decadrachm issued later to celebrate his victory over Porus, which depicts Alexander on horseback charging Porus on an elephant and on the reverse shows a figure of Zeus, wearing a strange amalgam of dress and wielding a thunderbolt in his right hand, which has also been identified with Alexander."