CLASS 190: Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism

Dr. Rob S. Rice, Instructor-898-7426/4975; E-Mail:, ,a href=gag.html>"Olbia," Williams 702

Spring Semester, 1995--Tuesdays, 6:30-9:10, Williams 301

Course Syllabus and Reading Assignments

This course is intended to acquaint students with the career of Alexander III and its consequences for our modern civilization, with a major emphasis on the students' own utilization of primary and secondary source mat erial.

Course Requirements: Weekly quizzes 20%

Midterm 20%

Course Paper 20%

Final Exam 40%

Intangibles such as class participation shall also figure in your grade. Make-ups for quizzes missed will be at the instructor's discretion and in accordance with University policy. Access of and electronic mail from the class home page is also a course requirement, which may be met by use of the "Contact Dr. Rice" link at the previous page.

The weekly quizzes are intended to provide a spur towards the reading necessary for your maximum benefit from this course, as well as to provide preparation for the Midterm, itself a preparation for the Final. The 8-10 page course paper will involve y our analysis of a given historical event from Plutarch and other scholarship. There will be a chance to submit a first draft for critique and revision.

Texts: Plutarch, The Age of Alexander

Ulrich Wilcken, Alexander the Great .

F. W. Walbank, The Hellenistic World

Reading Assignments

1/17 Plutarch, Introductions, Agesilaus; Wilcken, vii-xxxi.

1/24 Plutarch, Phocion, Pelopidas, Wilcken, pp. 3-52.

1/31 Plutarch, Alexander, Wilcken, pp. 53-75.

2/7 Wilcken, pp. 76-148; Walbank, pp. 29-45.

2/14 Wilcken, pp. 149-238.

2/21 Plutarch, Demosthenes; Wilcken, pp. 239-261,

2/28 Midterm. Wilcken, pp. 265-326.

3/7 Spring Break

3/14 Plutarch, Demetrius; Walbank, 13-78.

3/21 Walbank, pp. 80-122.

3/28 Walbank, 123-175.

4/4 Walbank, 176-208.

4/11 1st Drafts of Papers Due. Walbank, 209-226.

4/18 Plutarch, Pyrrhus; Walbank 227-251.

4/25 Papers Due

5/9 Final Exam