Course Assignments for Latin II, Spring, 1996

I have been loath to put this material up on the Class Home Page, fearing, I still think with good reason, that students will be more easy about missing class if they need but access this page to get the assignments for the day they have missed. NOTHING can compensate for classes missed, and the chances lost thereby of interacting with the instructor and your peers.

THAT said, as it had to be, I am being buried under E-Mail requests to provide the assignments, and this means is the most efficient way of assisting students, particularly given the time of our course, who simply were not able to attend our classes. The assignments are below.

Homework Assignments by Date

All assignments from Moreland & Fleischer unless otherwise indicated

2/8/96, p. 193, 17-25, odd numbers., pp. 193, Unit III, all odd numbers.

2/13/96, pp. 211-2, The Preliminary Exercises, all.

2/15/96, p. 212, Unit 12, Exercises, 1-12, all.

2/20/96, p. 213, Unit 12, Exercises, 35.

2/22/96, p. 226, Unit 13, The Preliminary Exercises, 1-10, all.

2/27/96, p. 227, Unit 13, Exercises, 15-40, odd numbers.

2/29/96, p. 241, Unit 14, Drill, Unit I, 5-7; Unit II, 3-5.

3/5/96, p. 244, Unit 14, Exercises, 1-20, all. 3/7/96, p. 247, Unit 14, Readings III, 1st paragraph ->_omnium_. 3/19/96, pp. 244-5, Unit 14, Exercises, 21-35, all.

3/21/96, p. 258, Unit 15, Drill I, 13-18, Drill II, 19-24, p. 259, Preliminary Exercises, 5-10.

3/26/96, p. 259-60, Unit 15, Exercises, 1-20.

3/28/96, pp. 261-2, Unit 15, Exercises 39-41.

4/2/96, pp. 274-5, Unit 16, Exercises 24-41.

4/4/96, pp. 276-7, Unit 16, Exercises 43, Readings, A-D. 4/9/96, p. 287, Unit 17, Exercises, 15-29.

4/11/96, p. 288, Unit 17, 1st connected reading.


I do count for class attendance and preparation of homework, within the portion of your grade (15%) that I have budgeted for that allowance. If you can do well on the other course requirements, you will do well enough on the course. Meeting ALL requirments in form and spirit is the mark of true excellence, and will be graded appropriately. The Exams will require all the preparation you can give them.