Latin 002: 1st Semester Quiz

Dr. Rob S. Rice, 2/14/95

The goal of this quiz is for us both to ascertain the extent of your ability to analyze and translate the structure of complex Latin sentences. Translation, as always, is only the final step of that process. Perform the tasks requested below BEFORE you prepare your final translation.

Tanto periculo in urbem illato, lacrimae incolarum matrem certiorem fecerunt ruinae. Mater femina erat clara virtute, sed tanta mala suffere non poterat.

Pt. 1: Structure

Write out the latin words composing the dependent clause in the first sentence.

What is the name of that construction?

The latin words clara virtute make up what construction, differing in what manner from the construction you analyzed previously?

Provide the first three pairs of an adjective and the word it modifies. Do not confuse these with a construction where a noun becomes or is called an adjective or another noun!

What is the name of the construction you were warned about immediately above?

List the one such in the passage above:

Part 2: Identification of Word Forms

Provide the full form identifications for the following latin words. Make sure that you have provided them ALL.




Part 3: Translation

As always, the idea is to provide the best English you can while making it perfectly clear that you understand the actual construction of the latin.