Latin II: Spring, 1995
The University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Rob S. Rice
Semester Exam, 5/2/96

You have two hours to complete this exam, which you shouldn't need. Write your answers in the bluebooks provided, LEAVING ME ROOM TO MAKE CORRECTIONS! As always, understanding is more important than the exact label used for a given construction.

DIVIDE the sentence into its component phrases and clauses!
IDENTIFY each finite verb, tense, mood, voice, person and number
. ACCEPT what your knowledge of forms tells you! ACTIVE is NOT PASSIVE! SINGULAR is NOT PLURAL.
FIND the SUBJECT, VERB and OBJECT of each independent construction.

Part 1: Subjects Covered in Chapters 9-18. (48 pts.)

Translate the following passages, taken from the review sections of the chapters we have worked through previously, once you have answered the questions immediately below them.

1) Multis ante diebus, luce erant clariora nobis tua consilia; nunc ea intellegere non possumus.

2)Amore Iovis multae feminae iram Iunonis passae sunt.

3)Eis diebus nemo erat qui divitias virtuti praeferret.

4)Legatum mittit qui petat ut vobiscum loqui liceat.

5)Utinam ille omnis secum suas copias eduxisset!

6)Dubitavi hos homines multa pecunia emerem an non emerem.

Part 2: A reading passage (30 points).

Cicero's former client wants to buy a Jaguar, and Cicero tells him he's doing the best he can.

Desine quaerere de pantheris; jussu meo diligenter agitatur ab eis venari solent; sed permagna paucitas est, et eae, quae vere sunt, dicuntur queri quod nihil cuiquam insidiarum in mea provincia nisi sibi fiat. Itaque plurimae, ut quidam credunt, in Carian ex hac regione horrida se receipere constituerunt.


panthera, -ae, 'panther,' here leopards

queror, queri, questus sum, 'lament, complain.' DO NOT confuse with 'quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus, 'look for, seek after, nag.'

Caria, -ae, a neighboring region in Southeast Asia Minor.

agitatur, here "the bush is being beaten"


Part 3: Basic Understanding of Usage (22 points):

Provide full form identifications of every word in the following two phrases.

Carthago delenda est.

Quod agis, bene age.

You may pick up your corrected examinations in Williams 720