Latin 002: Syntax and Continuous Prose

Dr. Rob S. Rice, Instructor-898-6939/7425; E-Mail:
Office: Williams 704; Office Hours Tues.-Thurs. 2-3 unless posted
Class home page:
Spring Semester, 1996--Tuesdays, & Thursdays, 18:30-20:45, Williams 202

Course Syllabus

This course will attempt to complete the lesson program in Floyd L. Moreland and Rita M. Fleischer, Latin: an Intensive Course. The goal is to bring the students up the "reading level" of Latin proficiency in simple Latin Prose.

Course Requirements:

Homework and Quizzes 15%

3 Examinations 60%

Final Exam 25%

Intangibles such as class participation shall also figure in your grade. Make-ups for quizzes and assignments missed will be at the instructor's discretion and in accordance with University policy.

The quizzes and shorter examinations are intended to provide a spur towards the reading necessary for your maximum benefit from this course, as well as to provide preparation for the Final. The purpose of the Homework is the classic one of drill, and will be taken from the "Exercises" sections of translation and readings in your text.

Use of Electronic Means of Access:

Students are encouraged to contact the instructor in his office, by message at either phone number, or by electronic mail at any time. All students are expected to have an electronic mail account with the university, and to submit questions arising from the homework assignments by that medium. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to make full use of the resources of the World Wide Web. The goal here is to acquaint students with electronic resources available to the modern Latin scholar.

Course Examination Schedule:

2/22 1st 1-hour Examination

3/12 & 3/14 Spring Break

3/21 2nd 1-hour Examination

4/18 3rd 1-hour Exam

4/25 Last Session

5/2 Final Exam, 18:30-20:00