"Verb:  That's What's Happening"

I get my thing in action
To be to sing to feel to live
Verb! That's what's happening!
I put my part in action
To run to go to get to give
Verb! You're what's happening!
That's where I find satisfaction
To search to find to have to hold
Verb! To be bold!
When I use my imagination
I think I plot I plan I dream
Turning into a creation
I make I write I dance I sing
When I feel really active
I run I ride I swim I fly
Other times when life is easy
I rest I sleep I sit I lie
Verb! That's what's happening!

I can take a noun and bend it
Give me a noun
Bat ball break and plow
Make it a verb and really send it
Show me how
I don't know my own power
I get my thing in action
And being
And doing
And saying

A verb expresses action, being or state of being
A verb makes a statement
Yeah, a verb tells it like it is.
Verb! That's what's happening!

I can tell you when it's happening
Past present future tense
Tell you more about what's happening
I can tell you who is happening
Verb you're so intense
Every sentence has a subject
Noun person place or thing
Find that subject, where's the action
Verb can make the subject zing
Take the subject, what is it?
What's done to it?
What does it say?
Verb! You're what's happening!
I can question like,
What is it?
Verb! You're so demanding!
I can order like, 
Go get it.
Verb! You're so commanding!
When I hit I need an object!
When I see I see the object!

I get my thing in action!
Verb! That's what's happening!
To work to play to live to love.