A DELIBERATELY eclectic collection of URLs, World Wide Web Pages, What Have You, accessible via Netscape, Mosaic, or Lynx directly from this panel. Listings are arbitrary, vague, and badly alphabetized. On the other hand, they should prove interesting! En Garde--

Ex facetia lux! Ex facetia lux!

Dedicatory Poem

Guides to Guide Guides

Vaguely Academic Links

And We Use the Term Loosely! The Government...

Don't Worry...Be Healthy...

Marine Biology, Zoology, and Other Soggy Stuff

Art and Artistic Stuffe

An Ungodly Number of Militarily Historical Sites and Even More Frightening Stuff

For those who CAN Cope...Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Minor Literature

Sardi Venales...Commercium...Caveat Emptor...

Last But Not Least--The Magical Mystery Tour!

Not Responsible for Where You End Up

This page has been useful to vertebrate life forms, or the same vertebrate life forms repeatedly.

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