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--- K E N   R U M B L E

This is not a metaphor, or 
this is a metaphor, meaning
it is not a simile, maybe 
simile is better

Is a bridge really like
any other thing than its self?  
Does calling it a doorjamb or a beginning
deny the intrinsic uniqueness 
of the bridge?  Am I being 
unfair, colonial by making metaphor?
I colonize the bridge with door
way;  I colonize the street 
with tracks of light.  Am I metaphoring
again?  How do I communicate
the experience and idea of bridge 
without metaphoring -- the bridge is like a bridge 
and is beautiful thus.  
You sticky amoebae, metaphor; you shoe-stuck gumwad, metaphor; metaphor,
you not so fresh feeling; you soap that is not Zestfully clean; you
residue; you Tanqueray & 
Tonic; you English Toffee in the back molar; you smoky room; you debate;
you air; you diarrhea on horseback; you dirty motherfucker.  

Is it a good bridge, interesting bridge,
awesome bridge?  Hundreds assuredly,
probably thousands cross back and forth
everyday -- it hasn't fallen yet.  It develops pot holes
which are filled by DC municipality 
since it exists in their jurisdiction.

Does that mean anything?

Key Bridge exists.  Jump up and down
on it on any part.  
Lick it.  Bang it.  

Bridge, bridge, bridgey

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