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--- K E N   R U M B L E

shadow squirrel running
        (more like waving
along shadow branch
        (what is it she said?  to look at a landscape without
        describing it
what it is -- over there, out there -- is a metaphor: flat, palm out,
vertical, saying
stay where you are, saying
this is the difference between
you and me: position
        (what is position if there is no contorting?
the this is my side and that is yours
the car armrest down between my sister & me
the no man's land and Mom!

        --each look is a revision

but again, shadow squirrel running
shadow life living in your pants
shadow arms play shadow games
shadow names give shadows aim
water's shadow like shadow's shadow
        --and it was all gone in the blink of a shadow
shadow day like shadow gaze, shadow talk
shadows mock and move like us
long for the beginning of night like us
shadow becomes what it holds 
and isn't gone when it goes
        (what evil lurks in the hearts of men
shadows talk on shadow talk
don't always leave where they've left

        --this shadowy thing, this skin

shadow's show, breath, reach
shadow's semi-circular orbit
        (like wipers without the return trip
shadow orbits -- the fixed position]

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