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   m o v i n g    a l o n g    t h e    e d g e    o f    s u m m e r

--- P H A N   H U Y E N   T H U

Moving along the edge of summer
An early moon bends the first third of the month
Gaudily fawning
vain wild flowers trail the rails of a provincial station
On the roof of a forgotten train car
The odor of sunlight sleeps deeply

Because of an immortal and tuneful ideal
a lovelorn cricket trips over a dew drop
A lizard warrior clucks its tongue and drinks up the night
dreams a thin dream of mosquito wings
Stringing up faith a female spider
clasps a sack of saturated eggs

Having drank a dream by mistake  
My wooden lizard sobbed all last night
Leading itself along the edge of summer
Finding a way to fall. 

			translated from the Vietnamese
			by Linh Dinh

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