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   t o d a y    i    w r i t e    i n    p i n k

--- C A T H Y   M C A R T H U R

for you. Pink champagne in long
stemmed glasses, slice of watermelon. 
Passion-fruit juice. Sheer lingerie. 
Flamingos in a zoo, dizzy girls
with iced eye shadow. Wear it, sink
into blankets. Hot pink you say,
your favorite. Glossed lips, face glows
when you're near. Yes, a cake with candles. 

In the pink. Loud hibiscus blooms
in this room—flattering fuchsia, bold type. 
More than a hint. Take it, open 
note—high-lighted in sudden flair.
A fizgig's float. This ship glides, sails out
of line with transparent overtones. 

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