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   r e v e a l    1 0:    p o w e r s    o f    t e n

--- B R U C E   C O V E Y

One:  bluebird, blue*, bird, bl????rd, bl:snow

Ten:  Please select your city from above

Hundred:  Shatterproof is not a challenge

Thousand:  They create shower curtains

Million:  Includes people who are still living

Billion:  Thank you for being visitor 1104682

Trillion:  Wide area networks for last mile

Quadrillion:  With this pattern build extremely large

Quintillion:  Laid out flat like a carpet

Sexillion:  Get that dot while it's hot

.Nonillion:  Designed by no tomatoes

.Vigintillion:  In the American system, see also

.Googol:  A mish-mash of eclectic destinations

.Googolplex:  My page has disappeared into the byte void

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