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--- S E S S H U   F O S T E R

he didn't say anything about the guy dealing drugs in the parking lot.

he didn't tell her someone had given him a file on her.

he did not mention that he decided that hurting or killing the guy was not a good idea.

they didn't tell us they'd already decided to close the dojo.

they never said why they did not hire me, though supposedly i was a friend of theirs.

she stopped calling after that last call from the airport.

he wasn't going to reproach her about it if it wasn't going to do any good.

he did not tell her that she had appeared in his dream and what he'd done to her.

when i asked her how it had gone she said, "fine" and would not elaborate.

she looked at me with contempt when i said what i did for a living.

we didn't ask him to describe how she died, when he said she was awake at the end and was unable to breathe.

i never told her i was standing on the balcony and saw them through the window.

i just gave him a hug, told him to take care of himself and stay in touch.

i didn't want to argue with him.

i couldn't think of anything to say that was worth anything.

i had said once that he was not only killing himself, he was isolating himself and fucking up his whole life, so what else was there to say?

i didn't say i didn't think the work wasn't good enough.

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