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--- S E S S H U   F O S T E R

 resistance 1

 a. join the party or the clique

 b. get the membership or tattoo

 c. embody the ideology, learn the lyrics

 d. get the rhythm down, blur contradictions

 e. peg a realistic middle distance, stand the foreground

 f. follow instructions, marry action

 g. subvert self, desire, circumstance

 h. live thru others, some alive

 resistance 2

 a. be your 'self,' someone like whoever you used to be

 b. a skeptical side glance at groups, critical toward vocabulary & hierarchy

 c. feel 'free' inside the moment, or out of it

 d. cold clarity, then a hot red forgetting

 e. the irony of doing anything or nothing while others suffer torment & are killed

 f. whimsy, kindness & prayer: last refuge of scoundrels

 g. various forms of slow suicide, or a couple of the short forms

 h. at last joining in (suspicion or idolization of leaders)

 i. attitude, especially recycled

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