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   w o u n d    s a l t    w a t e r

--- F R A N K   S H E R L O C K

Turn off the lights	coast

tracks to coast

Sorry- thatís not coal

the sky was smoked not

long ago

The goat

almost took it all but

burst into ash near the glare

Capricorn is a hitler moon its house of blood is orderly

There is a bully liberator system

decomposing in every grain

Bulldozer shifts the sides

sunbathers sleep the burn Letís slip

the grass when I get this close Granules

drive me underground from the neck on up

What did you say?

Thereís sand in my ears I never

promised you a vanguard baby

just a shot at

getting a fishkite airborne &

an underwater bird to swim

The stars are more than spoilers & where in the charts is our proudhon moon

Here's a taste of it

at play in our salted stank Fuck that

light up there right now itís you

right now itís me taking

mouthfuls of this ocean home

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