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   m e    a n d    j e n n y    f a y e

--- R O Y   H A Y M O N D

Jenny Faye say she won't let me have none less she married hell I would marry her for some and she say I got no job if that don't beat all nobody got no job cept that damned Chavis and him running whiskey and now he got a car and go to Mead to pump gas at the filling station

Pap never had no job lady at school ask me what he do I say gov'ment gov'ment people come ask what he do and he say the mines and they say the coal mines is closed can't he do something else and he say he a coal miner like his daddy and they say they pay his way to work in mines in Michigan and he say you freeze your balls off up there this is home where he was borned why don't they open these here coal mines they's coal in there so they left and just send us groceries twict a month and Pap didn't send us to school less they send us some shoes too

Jenny Faye think she something cause she went to school a sight longer than me and what do it get her but some paint on her fingers and smut around the eyes and a bunch of talk about Elvin Pressly and his guitar and that damned Chavis got a guitar and they go off in his car I wonder if she letting him have any I kill them both.

lady and man come and fix a garden back of the house Pap and me supposed to keep it up it feed all eight they say they's eight of us living but Pap broke the hoe and the weeds is growed they say they learn me a trade if I learn to read down at the school house and I would have did it but they wanted me on Saturday and that when Marshal Dillon is on

Jenny Faye don't like Marshal cause he don't sing he don't need to sing the way he fight I like to whip Chavis like he done that man what hurt Chester

but Chavis has got to go at the army I hope they take him I already been but they didn't take me maybe they take him and then Jenny Faye be all by herself

I marry her even if she be knocked up

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