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   s u p e r h u n g    c o r p o r a t i o n

--- B R E N D A N   L O R B E R

I know right? It's like I was all unable to disagree with either & my strongest opinion was relief They took turns so I could keep swerving & not crack in half

But then I was like what have we here & not also there comprising the surface conditions of a liquid planet I won't miss the launchers if we don't launch the missiles Someone's always moving out of or getting sent back to the stone age

It's all good some of the time & good riddance the rest There's a President Lincoln inside each of us - strung out or distracted from the state of the union broadcast over everything not nailed down

Who owns the air Who owns the streets Who owns everything under the sheets They say I've got the worst habits of Corporate America They say I'm a fraud They say you can get anything you want at Ball Sacks Fifth Avenue but who owns them? I'm not wild about the protests the asthma inhalers for a severed head

I neither agree nor disagree with the wind up bug the busted skateboard the rhinestone flag pin only that I'm considered at my best My finest glower when I consent to crush wonder & hook them to my buckled face

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