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   l o v e    p o e m,    c e n t r a l    p e n n s y l v a n i a

--- D A V I D   F L O Y D

It's a sad and beautiful world, she said, and because she was beautiful I wanted to believe her.

Some woman, somewhere, is already packing her things before she knows she's leaving, and sometimes I've had a better time

doing nothing in particular more than having something in particular to do. I love how drink puts you into your life as much as it removes you,

and how part of the heart opens for one as it closes for another. I told her I would meet her as far as the Susquehanna

because I wanted to be suggestive of Pound's Li Po. Two people with no regrets--fire underneath the town of Centralia for forty years-- something both prosaic and strange. Better to have said, Recite, like prayer, the prose of desire. Better to have said,

Yes, it's a sad and beautiful world, paired butterflies already yellow with August, and believed it.

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