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--- B R E N D A N   L O R B E R

The cure for food for the visible for untouched mountains the well-spoken cure for liberty The 25 second Per capita cure for the precision of column inches abstraction for a continent's twilight Statistics cure a fraction of another diamonds are uninfected forever conscience

The cure for 25 seconds? For new roads where the trees were & migrant drivers The cure for brightly Inside a closed system with Diesel trucks no language in the place of townships for the origin of things Why disease? Why road? Anonymous The unspoken one-family source for all cardboard box sequence The initial decision in the name of survival that renders all else a given No enslaved people because slaves aren't people Soon no one's poor because Economics on a wire nobody's left to be poor The wire on a pole The pole through the ground & the ground filled with bodies

Buried inside the system is abstract & infinite The comfort The unselected you-are-here-dot to the horizon Illness makes profit possible & obscures that very fact Suffering transformed into necessity behind flush times until autonomy's become treason compassion becomes venom AIDS becomes arbitrary as The necessity of any element a jackknifed truck in the landscape The impulse The natural world of abandon half enough to eat every Year of funerals one in orphan city close to you

The luxury unavailable to investors unthinkable to the invisible If there's a slow death to be had Let the invisible the wealthy few search locally discover for culprits & exploit it or put faith for even more in divine punishment

Let the astute believe sex is the new real problem systemic forests but look no further between diamond & Let them fear cardboard each other No one Let no one see out of the crash the invisible Let no one find other few causes that good business is good for behind the visible world

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