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--- D I V Y A   V I C T O R

[aye] when given both, one must often either ; darling, and so you must.

then, she builds verandas in the septum and within the atrium, places. upon reaching a wall, know sunder. know sahib, that what remains must gurgle without. a chara, oxter we must and punctuate our throats.

varia: insert arm where sleeve insists and sew a trachea, on seam muster ossein. skirl: frond of thrush notes, promenade of reeds. dominus vobiscum, et cum jejunum: [measure with twelve fingers to estimate duodendum, ensue with verse, at this occasion, use feet.]

she shall have umbells wherever: [also] herein, shy tunics: betwixt louvers, the pudge of hibiscus: gown bellow. memento etiam: don tendons, shoes. burrow: pretend this abb stuffed navel nestles in worsted roric.

varia: rack of shins [and my flanks rag the gaping frock.]

et homo factus est [ herein, genuflect: amulets, the swarf of tumeric on mortar. lunch].

on the third day, the pitying of turtle doves and so forth [eatoff your pomfret, eatoff, eatoff.] follow: noddings, various hymns and rubbing of salt on one's gums. carpus [dub fledgling]: festoons pharmaceutical cotton rolls: algorithm for snow in comorin.

varia: holm of eggyolk on his cassock, a bevy of servantgirls and stolen petticoats in the clerestory: latticed hems, veritable yarns [herein, fennel colonies, tooth- pickings].

varia lectio: [macron: brim the nares with ache] apply sepals on your groin, remain fond of quillets and rhyme. kyrie eleison: a lacuna of dotterels at the maidan, christe eleison: sulk of lawn interrupts our palisade.

Lief, strewn atriums occasion anon nous. Sursum corda. Lief, uneath hinges on an aisle of knees: tween fell and fen, there are exclamations of laic.

memento etiam gamin, iambs mabble the guillotined lamb. [resemble in parenthesis, quoth I]. Leif, eisel is ilk for some other souse. [herein, orant folds toil, furrows.]

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