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ACROSS The sound between beats. Sorrow’s cousin. _______beat + _______away. Fractured Stick snapped over knee To the tune of the William Tell Overture. Elvis hotel, Shaw house. What a bone Crushed to dust uncovers: A beautiful compound. First half of 1986 film title Glorifying war. Breather minus Two letters. Used about 110 times Out of a sample of 100 million words Spoken or written in English. Departures, halving, misplaced Affections lost in the woods. Pulmonary karate chop. Synonym for anguish As experienced by the widow Of a soldier enlisted Because he couldn’t find a job. Aortic tear. Passion’s lunch hour Indigestion. Fleurie’s Pronouncement, the need For the handbook Of __________. Cardio Circuitry’s exercise translating Appetite into loss. The aspiration for what one can Never have; its nonethelessness. In the doctor’s office, “Breathe, good. Breathe, good. Breathe,” then The prognosis. A wife’s Call to her children For whom she would give Her life, her “C’mon…” Not quite the opposite Of joy. What arguments Over jealousy, true or fancied, Come to. Crčvecoeur. DOWN The world’s favorite sport. Sum of features by which A member of a plant or animal Species can be placed Into one of two spiritual Conditions. The snake Leading into a cancellation At the end. Used About 8,307 times Out of a sample of 100 million Words spoken or written In English. Crossed by _________, Salve for sorrow, Medicine for love’s failures. The anagram for an ex’s Sweet spot. The arrow And bow games we play. I always end arguments With her this way. Rhymes with AMEX.

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