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--- B O B   P E R E L M A N

I read it in a book, a big one 
about an interesting person, very-
but I am not those decades 

how Andy Warhol presented Frank O'Hara with a drawing of his penis at a party Frank O'Hara's penis, but not at Frank O'Hara's party it was a party where uptown curator Frank O'Hara did not smile upon his represented penis commandeered-in a virtual sense-by downtown upstart Andy Warhol

never smiled until Pittsburgh Andy began making it everywhere, which is where here wants to be too

Where is that drawing now, the venal sun wonders and where is that smile and the wagging tails of yesteryear?

All I'm saying is remember I exist That's all each tail wants

It's not that I don't like the decor particular to my contemporary situation or at least recognize it or sit in its midst at any rate

it is that any decor problematizes the system of rewards administered by oneself -but no one seems to know precisely how this is done- in one's momentary upskirt monastery droning continuity we like to call our time love to engaged in one's objective and one's subjective stirrup during one's there-I-could-never-be-a-person displays of horsemanship streaking into the earnestly timed close of the latest day with its streetlight-softening moonrise bricking and unbricking the living arrangement doled out dolled up in words my dear, words, phrases, they make you look so great Hold it, just like that

We are a long way from Frank O'Hara's penis but not from the question of success in the art world advanced just beyond market regulation, conducive to no single civic happiness just over the edge of closely desired public statement and its narcoleptic negotiations but there are so many timeshares and barely systematic dreads scenic overflows of utter legibility that at some point just about everyone's lips are paralyzed with grief over the despicable pictures hardly to be assuaged by the so-called writing H. D. saw on the wall I read of in a book another big book about another interesting person, very- and this time the book was interesting too-

But the wall, well, the wall is still the wall

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