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   i    m a d e    a    g r o w n    w o m a n    c r y    t o n i g h t

--- J O E   D U N T H O R N E

I made a grown woman cry tonight.
I was seven times her size.
I told her she had lost her looks.
I said her heart was all gristle
and her lungs, rolled-up cereal packets.
I said her spine was collapsible
like a telescope.
I said, like a telescope I can see into your past.
Your husband left you even though
you did nothing wrong in particular
it was just like - Christ - I'm so fucking bored.
I made a grown woman cry tonight.
I was fifteen times her size.
Meg Ryan, Meg Ryan, Meg Ryan - the woman 
your husband is with looks a bit like Meg Ryan.

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