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   v i l l a i n

--- W I L L I A M   M .  G O T T L I E B

	vile to viola

Who is the villain in the villanelle, the evildoer rotting every I; how do you find yourself out in his spell?

Life’s lowest blowhards raise issue like hell. Punish duplicity, the lowing lie, mood of the villain in the villanelle.

All vinculum are by their nature vile; half’s bad – cocked, assed master to mind. Say Die. How did you find yourself under its spell?

A story is conviction in a cell. The villous line absorbs the reader’s eye, black as the villain in the villanelle.

An end is bitter and that bad taste smells. Words beat the brow until its hi is by. Who plays a villain in a villanelle Finds out of bounds and stands for a misspell.

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