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   b i o l o g i s t s

--- A M Y   H O L M A N

	refers to the use of DNA math by some biologists to determine the true age of the linguistic tree

Already thrilled with their results, they live in a tree house above the dying shrubs, who, themselves, are saying, we are so much older than can be uttered. The linguists think the words will tell them everything since they’ve said so much so far, especially in shouts and cries. Yet, the biologists, who’ve learned the secret and are sharing it, like the first person to craftily dice the slippery mango still attached to its skin, know what’s in the drop is in the stream -- blood, water, consciousness. Translation comes not from the warriors arguing on the seas, but the seed and furrow, how deep to dig to rise. The tongue in your mouth has tasted corn and bean, watered for the pomme, worded the soil and seed in the palm, watered the land, uttered the land, and grown.

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