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   d r a w i n g    n e a r

--- A M Y   H O L M A N

	after paintings by Philippe Vasseur

You were home asleep so you arrived only as a sketch on my afternoon. I walked away as you sat looking at the sea. I really want to be with you and I walked away.

* I dreamt my lean dog died while I was far away because someone shocked me by thinking I was cruel. My lean retriever is a dusty one lane road, he disappears in being alike. Weeks after my misleading dream, heís been very reassuring, appearing in outline on every street I lonely walk. When I wounded my right foot he started favoring his lefts, appearing in being alike.

* The rails my brother always liked end broken by the sea. After inviting me over, he and his wife keep talking to each other, and I could be a photograph. I took the train. Only now to I see the rails curving around a bend ended, we passengers riding into our versions of life.

* A man brushes against another man down at the port of call; he is unfinished and that is the freight the brother carries by being complete. It figures that this is how Iíve learned to love, lingering too long for a way to be retrieved when Iím not gone.

* No explanation is offered for keeping broken track, yet here I am keeping track of broken ties, tense, furious. I have been trained to disappear to reappear, a perfect present for anyone looking. Iím nearly there. What I rail against is broken by the seen.

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