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   i    i c i n g    s i n g

--- N I C K   M O N T F O R T

I icing sing — but butter her up
upright, right in. Enjoy joy.
Live livid id, drop dropsied seed,
on honor’s nurse jizz jism him.

Fond fondu, you can cancel sell all alarm’s arms or orbit’s bits. Ought auto tow?

Jar jargon — gone since — censor her mutt, mutter her text texture your rapt rapture, your cult culture your script scripture, your fig figure your suit, suture your self, selfish fish

see seething thing hear hearing ring ring ringtone — tone down downbeat beat, hum humdrum drum

in incense sense bull’s bullseye I am ambush bush on honied need

die diehard, hard ground, grounded dead

mold molded dead past pastimes’ times by bypassed past, through throughways’ ways

stand standstill still

pause pausing


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