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From the 3rd Year Celebration Party

With this issue, the ninth Web issue of Xconnect, we conclude our third year of life -- we can't help but pause -- collectively. In reflection, we can almost fall backward toward our founding inspiration -- to create a new outlet for writers. One, which would acknowledge the vast expanse of disciplines, from experimental to works well rooted in our own discoveries.

Xconnect: writers of the information age is not only a documented history of the Writers that have passed though our WEB Magazine and the Kelly Writers House but it represents where we were and more importantly where we are arriving as a culture. Through the eyes of artists we'll choose to chart our own paths.

CrossConnect's mission has always been to promote the works of artists by providing a viable outlet to reach their audience. With most literary magazines, the pages themselves, housed by its covers promotes a sense of artistic community. Unfortunately print wasn't always an option, but with the wonders of the world wide web, we were able to reach a broader range of readers and expand the audience for literary works.

As I look around the room we can begin to see the artistic community of CrossConnect, writers and visual artists -- surrounded by these walls. Each possess an individual voice, a message untold until forged into the reality of the medium. We give thanks to the Kelly Writers House for providing a permanent address and a foundation for our virtual magazine. Under the direction of Al Filreis and Kerry Sherin, a real sense of place has taken shape here -- with its own energy, its instinct for survival resonates to form a distinct personality. Capturing this culture is our most significant task as editors.

-- Dave

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David E. Deifer

Leah Sheppard
Founding Editor

Alexandre Edelman
Senior Editor
Web Producer

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