Excerpted from Urban Asides

Daisy Fried


Now and then I get a chance to see naked people, in various contexts. What is strange is that all the naked people I see are extremely regular. Men look like men, women like women. Some are perfect, some are not, but the imperfections are regular too and run toward broadening, loosening and crinkling. That's why it was so striking to see 1) a woman with jagged, seriously, breasts and a smooth whale of a belly upon a normal ass and legs, and 2) a man with a skinny wizened head as if photomontaged to an athlete-boy's body and these giant meaty balls -- that boy was all balls, they'd say if they didn't say that boy is all eyes, or that boy is all ears -- and gigantic rickety feet but the thing was with these fanciful bodies shoring up a whole load of imaginative possibilities nothing came to mind.

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