Snow Pipe

David Hunter Sutherland

Caveat the bleeding
with softwood, bloodroot,
hyssop's soft poultice
and brie sharp meal.

To eat !
The tough-boned ancestors,
ramidus -- erectus,
swill of hominid on tap of dull pap,

and relish the forbearers
of field scented bowel,
warring eyes behind masked
emollient clay.

To eat !
our bone ripened history,
of violent misdeed,
of full bloodied contest
on fossil entrails.

Then redress the resemblance
in stone chisel resolve,
lolling tongues to the nectar
of a miscreant's glee broad-
deviled embrace.

To eat !
The hard-crusted lessons
foraged sweets to a harvest,
scattered whey to a scythe,
of a slow crop to surmise.

Copyright CrossConnect, Inc. 1996