Why I Do Not Write

Dennis Saleh

Because it's too early in the morning
Because I can't reach a pen, or pencil
Because it would mean turning over

Because I can't find my glasses
Because there's not enough light
Because I can't see

Because I don't have a pen
Because I don't have a word processor
Because I don't have a computer

Because there's no electricity
Because there's too much weather
Because no one reads Not even me

Because paper's too expensive
Because the paper is too wide
Because the paper is too white

Because a picture is worth a 1000 words
Because everything goes without saying
Because words fail me

Because I'm speechless
Because things are indescribable
Because it can't be put into words

Because I am a man of few words
Because I took back my words
Because I had to eat my words

Because words are yesterday's papers
Because it's all been said before
Because words have lost all meaning

Because I just wrote to get attention
Because I just wrote to impress people
Because I didn't really mean it

Because it never got me sex
Because it never kept me dry
Because I never won a prize

Because there's no call for it
Because there's no future in it
Because there's no money in it

Because my father told me not to
Because my teacher said I couldn't
Because I can't write in 50 words or less

Because I can't write a topic paragraph
Because I can't diagram a sentence
Because I can't follow directions

Because I have a chronic fatigue syndrome
Because I have attention deficit disorder
Because I have diminished capacity

Because I'm a substance abuser
Because I only wrote when I was loaded
Because I'm in denial

Because people never write back
Because I wrote you first
Because it's too late for the mailman

Because I'm bored
Because I'm too excited
Because I'd rather not say

Because I have not begun to write
Because I already wrote
Because everything's been written

Because I'm hungry
Because I want to watch TV
Because I want sex

Cause I don't want to
Cause I don't have to
Cause you can't make me

Because I have nothing to prove
Because actions speak louder than words
Because words were taken from my mouth

Because I cannot tell lies
Because words aren't worth paper
Let's not mince words Just because

Besides I can't get published
Besides I've already published
Besides there's no point publishing

Besides this won't be published
Besides no reader will finish it
Besides I didn't finish writing it

Copyright CrossConnect, Inc. 1996