Heinrich Heine

"Religion mixes sweet tranquilizing drops,
like a spiritual opiate, into the bitter cup of humanity."

--from a letter to Marx

Maggie Jaffe

All he really wanted
was the sexual
abandon of the goyim.
Hence his embrace of morphine
and the Catholic Church.
In spite of conversion
his esteemed goyim
Jew-baited his worked-over poetry.
Nonetheless he loves and hates
his Deutschland über alles.
He thinks: maybe I should
emigrate to Amerika
"that Freedom Stable where
all the boors live equally."
It's 1825: Heine knows what
they do there to the Schwarze.
Chooses Paris instead
where he writes lyrical
poems about Germany
and a Political analysis
of the Can-Can.
Heine said:
"People who burn books
will also burn people."

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