Sibyl And The Dakota Winds

William B. Hunt

The stockman's warnings are out in the Dakota, Sibyl.
There will be hard wind on the plains, changing early to rain.
I warn you carefully that you are in danger,
Wandering somewhere out there. I know
They have free ice water at Wall Drug Store in the Badlands,
The traveler's old oasis,
But it won't help you, Sibyl.
Nothing will help you. You must take cover.
Perhaps they would let you wait out the storm in their restaurant
Or souvenir shop
With the electrical singing cowboys and the two-headed calf.
All the stockman's warnings are out on the Dakota,
Cold rain changing early to snow,
Driving on across the territory of Minnesota and north into Canada.
Everyone is on the alert for tornadoes,
And I know you are out there,
Crazed, inveterate Sibyl. Let them find you
At Wall Drug Store, admiring the six-foot jackrabbit
And the six-foot-two latex, mechanical speaking edition
Of Abraham Lincoln.

Copyright CrossConnect, Inc. 1996