American Movie Classics

Halvard Johnson


A woman masquerades as her own niece
in order to win back the love of a man
who doesn't recognize her after a runaway
munitions worker is wrongly accused
of murder.


A crisis hot line volunteer struggles to keep
a suicidal woman on the phone
while a wagon train travels through
dangerous Indian territory.


A faith-healing country girl in the Ozarks
falls for a cynical sergeant suspected of being
a German spy.


A sultry woman meets a mysterious man
in the Algerian desert and marries him, unaware
of his attempts to turn state's evidence
against a psychopathic killer.


A lawyer is forced to use guns instead of words
to defend himself and his town against
a nurse who believes he's innocent.


A judge sentences a man to death
but delays the hanging because he fears
an oilman, who in turn lusts
for the playboy's bride.


A girl who was raised in a brothel
must chose between two suitors--
an ambulance driver and a nurse.


Three devoted brothers, serving
in the Foreign Legion, battle Arabs as well
as newlyweds adjusting to changes
and hardships in post-WWII New York.


The unsteady relationship between
a frumpy housewife and her alcoholic husband
crumbles after the arrival of a legendary
gunfighter, who learns he has cancer and attempts
to retire, but finds he cannot escape his reputation.


A woman is stricken with amnesia, causing her
to forget men of the sea and the friendships
they form with one another.


A fortune hunter's plan to pass herself off as
a dead heiress is jeopardized when
an ousted magnate tries to regain his rightful place
on the throne and returns home to find
his girl engaged to the town bully,
who may or may not
be a spy for the Nazis.


When a man goes astray and becomes
a cattle rustler, an old friend woos
a glamorous starlet so she
will endorse a particular brand of lipstick.


In WWII, a dedicated Navy doctor
is determined to get himself and his patients
to safety before a superstitious
Welsh girl has an extramarital affair
which turns destructive.


A wife ditches her spouse and flees
to Florida, where she hobnobs with
the Commander in Chief's psychoanalyst,
who knows too much, quits his job,
and is pursued by half the government.


A traveling theatrical troupe is constantly
in trouble with a woman who has
a vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes
and incurs the scorn of the townspeople
who doubt her, causing her to forget
her one true love and go head-to-head
with a band of buccaneers trying to
hold off the Germans until
reinforcements arrive.


An overzealous gunslinger
faces cancer while in Mexico
searching for an unattractive spinster
wooed by a fortune hunter
after the arrival of an attractive houseguest
and three gold prospectors who are
snowbound in the Klondike.


A reporter exploits a supposedly
dying girl and turns her into
a soldier, who wins a trip to
Paris with a lovely starlet and
an army psychologist.


Love gives a young Hollywood hopeful
the maturity to become a legendary gunfighter
who learns he has cancer and attempts
to retire, but instead finds poignant
drama in a movie which looks at the men
of the sea and the friendships they
form with one another.


In a small town,
a murderer on the run seeks asylum
on a fishing boat and decides
to change his ways, but
it may be too late;
a dressmaker finds it difficult
to keep a secret about
her teenage daughter;
an eccentric man, who owns
a failing baseball team,
dies, and leaves it to his pet cat;
a girl slowly realizes that her beloved
uncle is a wanted serial killer;
an egotistical singer drops his side-
kick and tries to succeed as
a solo act;
an innocent man seeks refuge
on a plantation owned
by a beautiful woman;
a mentally unbalanced babysitter
threatens the life of her charge;
a possessive lawyer sends
his sister's fiance to prison
a reformed outlaw tries
to protect settlers' provisions
from his crooked ex-partner;
an incompetent fool
is awarded the post of bank
detective after foiling
a robbery;
a disturbed and crippled boy
convicts an innocent
man of murder;
wedding bells lead to
heartbreak when an American
teacher discovers that her new
husband is a gigolo who
married her in order to immigrate.


A legendary gunfighter learns he has cancer and attempts to retire,
but finds that a girl slowly realizing that her uncle is a wanted
serial killer has been designed for "effortless living" on a fishing
boat where a dressmaker finds it difficult to keep a secret about her
teenage daughter, who braves the African jungle to find an intrepid
explorer, who gives a young Hollywood hopeful the maturity to become
a wanted serial killer who joins the French Foreign Legion
to catch a fugitive Nazi who learns he has cancer and
attempts to retire to Florida, where three beautiful women
seek rich husbands and a spy uses a vaudevillian and his trained
penguin to deliver secret plans to a couple of women
who ditch their chaperons and travel through Europe in the 1920s,
where a former US war correspondent searches Paris
orphanages trying to locate his son, who was born during
WWII but is forced to take over a Mississippi steamboat
from his irascible father until a sexy singer catches the eye
of a navy lieutenant as rumblings of war creep toward them, and he,
learning he has cancer, attempts to retire, but finds he cannot escape
his reputation for violence, partial nudity and some adult language.

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