Dorian Portraits

Andrew Chandler

Pushed the off stacks after two months unruling
all senses to find my mirror displeasing. Prayers

requited, began rebuilding my rosary really setting
it down get supine caching! get register and slept yearned

for just but needed that monotone/the want of mary heard time
gone past click Teddy kept waving Sor Juana car

kept writing chant I'm waiting, freeze! Hands together! 6 misere
hale mary o hurry keep praying nobis pigs are here.

misere I needed confession name? monastery and fix
silver as a flash how long? has been need phone used her

face conversion--Nobis pater I was deluded! lordly Henry mixed
guided alluded even through the noster who

kept me arm's length in the sick bay o rabbi "when
you hit bottom you'll learn" when I got through

the coke to my face soaked with light but though
faith (to feel like a nun, in this body) dust again.

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