Sex Experiments

Andrew Chandler

amidst Native American treaty wops
sun levitation the Pacific now then
rectal beadshops chrome five joined on our food
chain wondering at rust in that pause we talk when
the evening turns with three others bop polar
descent enter wares and circle and diamond before
fell blinking twice on the floor of the pyramid cathedral
matutinal aboard cardboard boxframes
springs peels bulb strap in the tingling
afternoon legs drain under pentagrams harnassed
to recently slain rock horses good ol Jumbo
in studded denim masks strummin acoustics eatin cherry
dangling ripples flow steely period bridge on
vespers while chandeliers drop in star plains on peace
lines the squares clearing chanting Sta.
Tereza whiskey dance bears! move in wax vats
geriatrically histrionically in Pharoah's antebellum golfcourse
taped with Dixie wraps bugged surrender sounds of
Gregorians at watch ungeigered Danish eyes paint
earth from ashes and quarters wax around that
jaunty Lassie motherfucker master
master blinking quick to the halogens at night hooves
spurred pig snorts would say "this is a new
start" of recessive process to midrift smoke god
in the baby let ring for this meal

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