Rich Poor's Almanac

Linh Dinh

Lumpy things shaped by female hands.
Tubular things.
Flotsam on a bed.
Whatever cannot be diluted, elongated.
Whatever sounds like your name if shouted through a wall.
The vista from the top of a trash can.
Resplendent objects.
Anything which can inspire awe, disbelief, or remorse.
Persons who resemble a rose from below, a hedgehog from
above, a block of ice from behind, a stonehenge from afar.
Air inside the mouth, any bodily vacuum, a poem.
Intestinal music.
The space between any two things: "taint."
(It ain't asshole, it ain't pussy, it's taint.)
The years 17, 365, 848, 1995, 2367, 4796, etc.
A flagrantly false statement which can suddenly appear true,
for no apparent reason, then false again, for no apparent reason.
Things which harden, slowly, over time, as opposed to things
which sag, slowly, over time.
A touching incident witnessed by at least three grown individuals.
The color of blood on sand, on dirt, on a piece of torn cloth dyed indigo.
The effects of artificial lighting on coitus.
Flesh deemed inedible by consensus, then edible by consensus.
All the words, or rather, sounds made by the mouth, which has
the same definition in all languages.

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