light the peaceful night light

Marek Lugowski

and have a restful peaceful night.

a train is a highway is a corridor
is a: press here to open door
and let more traininess barge in -- then door slides back in

the lounge car the diner car are located to the rear
as are the sleepers
who may well have a restful peaceful night.

out here in penn station union station bound coach
it's: welcome the smoker expatriots in transit in passing
these caravans of dreams suspended on addiction
(mine's to soda to seltzer -- i can use, staying put)

smoking is
permitted in the lounge car only between the hours of.
between their cars and ours of
course. our car is the smokercourse way.

same figures course this way and that brushing by
shuttling at einsteinian speeds their sighs and
shadows and rumpling clothes declaring doppler shifts
the likes of still, young aspen
smudging past the windows.

i -- i cannot sleep. they -- they cannot not smoke.
so as they seize the confines of the lounge car
cattled by nicotine cattled from syracuse from elkhart
-- unpenned briefly on high ground at albany
on a low platform's cracked cement-ary
where the train splits/joins (to/from boston)

where the cigheads shiver and puff huddled greedy pigeons
on the platform -- among them

odd pelican conductor.

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