dear friend
(while we were at seder)

Marek Lugowski


dear friend.
we are pleased to mail to you
our newly-published brochure
announcing our 1997
"in the beginning was the word..."

our goal in sponsoring this event
is to encourage writers who compose
their poetry or prose out of deep sense of
spiritual yearning, insight or revelation.
to add to that encouragement, we've increased
the dollar amount of our prizes this year...


in the beginning there was word
that the guerillas took hostages in a swift
bloodless coup. in the end, the peruvian
government made sure, word being fishkill,
while we were at seder.


at seder we celebrated being free people
and hoped to spend the next seder in jerusalem.
frankly, jerusalem is the last place i wanna go.


i wanna go home. and what kind of spiritual
yearning, insight or revelation takes as
fuel additive an increased dollar amount of prizes?

not any kind i wanna compose -- or compost -- out of.


what is the most stressful occupation?
the most stressful occupation is waiting
to die for the revolution. the actual
dying for the revolution, if you're lucky...
what is the second most stressful occupation?
the second most stressful occupation is the 5
months-or-years without your sunshine. or 6.
at seder we ate fantastic food prepared by jessica
the in-family professional chef and restauranteur.
one could kill. for the asparagus. one could die. for
the gefelte fish. and we sang for. hours. 5 or 6.

dona dona dona

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