not a monster

Marek Lugowski

not a monster not a monster not a monster little doggie
not a monster

not a monster (big stickuh sticka outta his hand)
not a monster (bigger stickuh sticka outta his foot) little
doggie owner hold the doggie (howdy) - run an audible
like doggie owners are prone to do in their radio comfort
zone - when there's dog to talk to.

dark! snow is schooling - billions of like-minded tho
brainless fishes swirling whirling - eddy in pools
gilding the confetti are laid-out frosted donut of park'd
mercury illuminati.

it's dark'n'spark! car on lake shore drive are
a-jeweling red by white streaking north-south south-north.

i too am practicing audibles: to my waxless fishscale i say
nordically in french, glimpsing tricolor roosters on charcoal
gray: chez rossignol - parlez vous caribou a.r.? un peu.
it's a it's a it's a whew laboured love to ever so careen in
uneven powder, keeling a trail for a fleetingest moment then
showered and obliterated within feet behind...

my ankles don't hurt at all my heart is not bursting and
i am gliding en le concrete sur le trotuar in-on mica powder
in white night. light has taken root microfrostially...

hours later all will be frozen over on the midwestern front.

now it's balm and calm, swirl and whirl and not a monster.
have sticks with legs have sticks with arms have will to
travel a block or far. will not unhurdle will not unravel.

not a monster not a monster not a monster little doggie
not a monster

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