Chapbook Winners

Shawn Lynn Walker

theres a war going on
in my vagina none
theless i have appearances
which do not include
this like todays poetry
reading which may
convince me i can make
love again with unpoetic
consequences the result
an easy lyric narrative
to be read in a dark
jazz bar where coffee
costs $2.14 some
thing i cant rub away
from whos your other
friend some one who isnt
afraid to take care of
me I need (someone) to
remember you are welcome
welcome to indulge we
heard some echoes a
form of church can every
body hear me this is
called two poems that
rhyme i am both prose
cutor and white def
  endent this is about
my daughter i just wanted
to take a moment why
i chose her book appeared
widely astonishingly,
continuous lyric narrative
raise the ante by using
the word "visionary" i
thought it was kind of
soothing myself also
a couple of oooo dont
know enough about mics
it keeps hitting nates
drums too better
all better about trying
to see things clearly this
next piece has eyes in
it too "between her
legs" she said it's called
my most favorite of
my own poems Simon
& Schuster words
through a big spread
of   t e e t h   "tenderest
blush of tissue" of
things coming into the
world each spasm brings
past up against present
present extending into
nothing painfully nice
picture this is called
emotional equations no
wonder plato banished
the Poet from his imag
inary republic no wonder
plato banished the Poet
from his imaginary
republic no wonder plato
banished the Poet from
his imaginary (she touched
his arm) i dont think I ever
wanted to cry at a reading
before i'm not even going
to try I know youre all
you know me this is
thats what poets do
they just look i refer
to DNA i'm doing
what Michele is doing
you have to feel complete
ly naked up here if
i were a really great poet
this would all be in
iambic pentameter
since were in a jazz
club left thumb tapping
the music stand I just
wanted to take this
opportunity i was wonder
ing if it would distract
them do you want
some more food andrew
smiles at the camera you
cant get beer on a
Sunday but you can
get parking tickets i
need beer all the time
i never need tickets
the best way
to write is to try
fall asleep in six
minutes i've never
contemplated suicide
directly only through
the shredding poetry
documents no good-
bye have a nice day

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